90 years Damüls ski school

In Winter 2019, Damüls ski school celebrated its 85th anniversary. In 1934 Alois Burtscher established Damüls ski school.

The founding
After the founding by Alois Burtscher, Damüls ski school was taken over by Anton Madlener in 1939. At this time, 6 to 8 ski instructors were working at the school. During the Second World War, Damüls ski school was shut down. In these years, army ski courses were held, which were awarded by a certain Mister Pachnik from Lindau. Immediately after the end of the war, in 1946, the ski school was reactivated again by Anton Madlener.

Some 10 ski instructors worked for Damüls ski school back then. But they only had work during the high season.

Matthias Bischof took the ski instructor exam. He was primarily responsible for the tour section and became known all across Vorarlberg by the name "Tourenhias".

The construction of the lifts brought a major boom in tourism to Damüls. The ski school mainly profited from the many guests, as most of them were beginners. In the following years, the cable cars could also benefit from this and make profits. The reason for this were the guests who already learned to ski at the ski school. They bought ski tickets and could use the cable cars by themselves. At this time, ski instructors were more of companions. These days, we would call them guides.

With a growing number of children in the ski school, more female ski instructors also began working for the ski school, as they were more in demand for the children's ski courses.

The first ski school office was built at the Alpenblume site. Until then, ski school tickets were mainly sold in the hotels.

Elmar Bischof took over Damüls ski school. In 1983, the Oberdamüls assembly point was closed and the Alpenblume practice area created. Two years later, in 1985, the ski school office was relocated to Uga lower terminus, where in 1989 a new ski school office was built in the same location. In the 90s, children's ski courses saw a noticeable upswing.

Helfried Bischof became manager of Damüls ski school.

Construction of the children's land Bickel-Ebene. The existing Alpenblume children's land became a meeting place for snowboarders. In addition, the Bambiniclub (childcare for babies from 2 years) was launched.

Purchase of a 40 m long ski conveyor belt in cooperation with the Damüls cable cars. Introduction of the weekly information evenings in the hotels, which were held by eight ski instructors during the winter season. Construction of the finish house at Sunnegg parking lot in cooperation with Damüls cable cars, the ski club as well as the Sole Surfers Damüls.

Appointment of department heads for the various areas of responsibility.

The demand for childcare (from 3 years) grew. Reopening of the Bambiniclub, which was closed in 1997 and 1998.

Creation of a grouping area some 50 m below Uga-Alpe mountain inn.

Purchase of four children's snowmobiles with support by the Damüls cable cars.

Today's mascot was created based on a competition initiated by the ski school. The name Bunny was chosen together with Damüls Tourism. Since then, the Bambiniclub is called Bunnyclub.

Reorganisation of Damüls ski school from a company constituted under civil law to a limited company & Co KG.

Purchase of a party tent for the children's land to provide protection from bad weather.

New ski school office built. After a 3-year maturing process, the current location at Uga lower terminus was found. On occasion of the 75th anniversary, Damüls ski school can move into the new premises in time for the start of season at the beginning of December. Damüls ski school now comprises 78 partners Some 70 ski instructors are available to guests in the winter season. The 75th-anniversary celebrations were accompanied by a diploma project by the Bezau business schools. The meal token was also introduced that year. The easy handling was a huge relief for hosts, ski instructors and children.

On 1 December 2010, cooperation was initiated with Trenkwalder Sports Austria.

Purchase of an additional ski conveyor belt in the Bunnypark for the snow bunnies.

Damüls ski school acquired two apartments in the Alpenrose staff residence.

The corporate form was changed from a limited company & CoKg into a general partnership.

Damüls ski school began renting a bus this year, to provide our guests with the ultimate comfort. As a result of the team growing bigger, we managed to get additional accommodation options in Haus Johanna.

The demand for an online ticket became greater and we thus opened the online shop on our homepage in the autumn of 2018.
Renewal of the home page of Damüls ski school.
The Bunnypark gets new entry arches. In the Uga Berg grouping terrain, a meeting point was acquired.
For the 85th anniversary of Damüls ski school we held the 36th Bregenzerwald Snow Sports Championships. Many thanks to all ski instructors who ensured a worthy setting for our event with their presence.

The 2020/21 winter season was a very special season. The ski school was closed in December 2020. From January 1. 2021 to April 11. 2021 only private courses were allowed to be held.

With the expansion of guest beds in Damüls, the demand for group/private courses at the Damüls ski school also increased. The team was increased to over 80 ski and snowboard instructors. We were able to rent additional accommodation in Au with Bianca Erath and in Damüls in Haus Stark.
Another improvement was the new classification area at "Alp Elsa".

In summer 2023, a new ski school programme was purchased from the company HGI-System, which includes the ski instructor app.
In cooperation with the Damüls cable cars, our well-known fairytale route was redesigned into a new bunny line in December. In addition to talking animals, instruction boards on the FIS rules, bunny high-5 figures, bunny spinning figures and a snowball target, there is also a xylophone. With the ‘old’ boards from the fairytale trail, a bunny friends trail has also been set up at the Sunnegg platter lift.