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Bregenz Forest Snow Sports Championships 2023

At the 37th Bregenzerwald Snow Sports Championships, the Damüls ski school came second in the team ranking.
In the individual ranking, Chistian Klocker and Helfried Bischof won in their age groups.
Christian Klocker secured the dual ranking.

Bregenz Forest Snow Sports Championships 2019

In the year 2019, for our 85th anniversary, we held the 36th Bregenz Forest Snow Sports Championships.
We won the following championship titles:
The ladies' championships titles were won by Eva Heufelder, followed by Verena Bischof and Lea Grabherr.
The men's title was won once more by Dieter Bischof.
The combined events was worn by Lea Grabherr and Dieter Bischof.

This year, we managed to defend the team title once again with Dieter Bischof, Dieter Bischof (Snowboard), Eva Heufelder, Christian Klocker, Stefan Moosbrugger.

Bregenz Forest Snow Sports Championships 2018

We proudly present our defenders of the Bregenz Forest Snow Sports Championships:
Ladies' snowboard champion: Lea Grabherr
Men's snow sport champion: Dieter Bischof
Dual champion: Lea Grabherr and Dieter Bischof

Austrian Ski Instructors Championships 2018

We congratulate Dieter Bischof on taking home the Austrian Ski Instructors Championships title 2018 in Dienten.

Since there were no Austrian ski instructor championships in 2019, 2020 and 2021, Dieter Bischof is still the reigning ski instructor master.

Bregenz Forest Snow Sports Championships 2016

Our team consisting of Dieter Bischof, Stefan Moosbrugger, Stefan Moosbrugger (Snowboard),Virgil Hartmann, Helfried Bischof, Eva Heufelder defended the team title 2016.
The snowboard title went to Lea Grabherr.
Snow sports champion 2016 was Dieter Bischof in Schwarzenberg at Bödele.

Bregenz Forest Snow Sports Championships 2015

The Snow Sports Championships were won by Lea Grabherr and Manfred Moosbrugger.
In the dual events, Lea Grabherr and Manfred Moosbrugger also won.
The team title we owe to Helfried Bischof, Manfred Moosbrugger, Manfred Moosbrugger (Snowboard), Virgil Hartmann, Eva Heufelder.

Vorarlberg Ski Instructors Championships 2015

Dieter Bischof took home the Ski Instructors Championships title 2015 in Brand.
We also won the team title with the following team: Dieter Bischof, Virgil Hartmann, Eva Heufelder, Helfried Bischof, Lea Grabherr.
These were the last regional championships of the Vorarlberg teaching staff. No ski school has volunteered to act as a host since then.

Bregenz Forest Snow Sports Championships 2013

As in 2012, Lea Grabherr won the Ladies Snowboard title in Schoppernau.

Bregenz Forest Snow Sports Championships 2012

Lea Grabherr took home the snowboarding championship title in Warth.
The highly coveted Bregenz Forest Snow Sports Championships title was won by Dieter Bischof. We also took home the team title once more with the team: Dieter Bischof, Virgil Hartmann, Carina Natter, Stefan Moosbrugger, Manfred Moosbrugger, Manfred Moosbrugger (Snowboard).

Bregenz Forest Snow Sports Championships 2011

We congratulate Christian Klocker on achieving the Dual-Snow Sports championship title in Schröcken.

Bregenz Forest Snow Sports Championships 2009

As every 10 years, Damüls ski school held the 2009 Snow Sports Championships.
We congratulate the following team on the team title: Annelies Sohm, Manfred Moosbrugger, Emanuel Madlener, Harald Gasser, Christian Klocker, Helfried Bischof.

Bregenz Forest Snow Sports Championships 2008

Our team consisting of Emanuel Madlener, Harald Gasser, Gerhard Egender, Skischulleiter Helfried Bischof and Annelies Sohm scored in Andelsbuch Niedere in the team classification. Emanuel Madlener managed to take home the title for the Bregenz Forest champion 2008 for us.